Why buy the Ram Rebel over the Ford Raptor

The Ram Rebel makes for a great everyday truck, that is nice, quick and capable of many things. The Ford Raptor is sitting at the top when it comes to performance of trucks, but that doesnt necessarily mean every person needs the Raptor. We would actually choose the Ram Rebel over the Raptor any day of the week, and here is why.

Whe the Ram Rebel

In its simplest form, there is no need for us to go on great offroad expeditions, rock climb or cross muddy paths. So why pay for this when we aren’t going to be using this.

Secondly, the rebel features some of the best offroad parts that you can get from the factory. The Rebel features air suspension that gives you an adjustable ride height, which is nonexistant on normal Rams, this air suspension offers an offroad drive setting as well.

Third the awesome HEMI under the hood. The legendary HEMI has its own history, but when you have such a powerfull and torquey motor under your hood its an amazing feeling.

The rebel will come in a 4×4 or 4×2 configuration, and it will have stiffer control arms and other features which will make it great if you choose to take it offroading.

Visually speaking, the Rebel looks amazing inside and out, although I think it took a lot of style ques from the Raptor. Like the grille, and tailgate.

All of this makes for a much more sweeter purchase than the Raptor. Happy shopping!