Why buy the Ram Rebel over the Ford Raptor

The Ram Rebel makes for a great everyday truck, that is nice, quick and capable of many things. The Ford Raptor is sitting at the top when it comes to performance of trucks, but that doesnt necessarily mean every person needs the Raptor. We would actually choose the Ram Rebel over the Raptor any day […]

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performance parts

Best aftermarket accessories for Dodge Trucks part 2

For this post, I will be focusing more on performance mods. For aesthetic mods you can check out part 1 here. The dodge Ram is such an awesome platform for performance. Straight from the factory you can get pretty powerful modifications. Check out this post, on what you can accomplish on your Ram. The HEMI […]

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dakota vs ram

Dodge Dakota vs Dodge Ram

Individuals who live by a “greater is better” logic, looking for total needless excess in each interest, from cutting tool Bonsai chiseling to Hemi-fueled garden trimmers, are attracted to the enormous Dodge trucks like moths to a multi-terawatt light source. The twin Dakota and Ram captivate control hungry Americans by intensely contending in the reduced […]

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dodge ram facts

6 Facts Every Dodge Ram Owner Should Know

Drawing on the profound established history of Dodge Ram trucks, the brand is flourishing and putting the vitality from that achievement appropriate again into their items. No matter how you look at it, Ram trucks hold such a large number of Best-in-Class titles that it’s practically hard to follow along. This brand unmistakably doesn’t agree […]

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Welcome to The Dodge Truck Forums

Welcome to the Dodge Truck forum, were a growing online community of Dodge Truck lovers. We love all generations of the Dodge Ram and Dodge Dakota. Here is a video I know you can relate to if you are a Dodge Lover. Read up on our articles, we have posts on tuning, performance, style, and […]

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