dodge ram aftermarket part list

Best aftermarket accessories for Dodge Trucks part 1

The car and truck industry is such a huge industry. There are so many sub cultures to each scene. What makes truck culture so awesome is the creativity and the way one can express his or her style through their personal truck.

In this article we will talk about the best accessories for your Dodge pick up truck to make it great for offroading.

If you think the car and truck industry is huge, the aftermarket parts industry is even bigger and more vast. There are tons and tons of companies that sell custom, aftermarket parts for our trucks. Its our job to help you in choosing the best parts out there, because we all know each industry has cheap knock offs that you absolutely dont want any part of. For the best truck accessories check out

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Best Aftermarket Parts for your Dodge Truck

Whenever I get a new vehicle I always determine what comes first, either performance or appearance. Figure out whats more important to you, style or horsepower.

Speaking from personal experience, I stick to apperance mods only. Unless your willing to fork over money for speeding fines, keep the performance mods to a minimum.

Having a fast truck can be a good and a bad thing, with great power comes great responsibility. Having all that power under your hood really tempts you on going fast, and unless you know where the cops are at all times, take it easy on the gas.

Saying that lets start with style mods.


Suspension can either go up and down depending on what look you want to go for. I know some guys that loved slammed trucks, and I know others who love high as hell trucks. It all depends on the look you want.

Most aftermarket companies will sell lift kits and lowering kits. These kits will usually include everything you need to get this going. Personally I think trucks should be lifted, so that you can fit big huge tires and rims underneath the wheel well, but that will be our second mod.

Wheels and Tires

The wheels and tires you put on your truck send a huge statement to everyone on the road. Big fat mud tires look amazing and are great for going off road, and handling trails. If you dont like road noise then stay away from them, as they get pretty loud.

Rims are a fashion statement, and are very much up to you. Go with whatever style you buy, but stay with a known brand with a good reputation, I have heard of some rims bending and breaking, when going off trail.

Fender Flares

Another awesome way to give your truck a rugged, off road look, is adding some fender flares. Dodge Ram Fender flares are my favorite mod for Dodge pick up trucks because they add new body lines to the truck. Fender flares for Dodge Ram 2500s are the perfect accessory for a clean look.

Its like adding a lip kit or body kit to a car, it makes it look like a whole new truck. Huge recommendation for getting Dodge Ram fender flares. They will change your life and your truck. If you want that dodge ram offroad fender flare look pick some up.

This is it for part 1, check out for part 2 for our next list of must need mods for your truck!