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Best aftermarket accessories for Dodge Trucks part 2

For this post, I will be focusing more on performance mods. For aesthetic mods you can check out part 1 here.

The dodge Ram is such an awesome platform for performance. Straight from the factory you can get pretty powerful modifications.

Check out this post, on what you can accomplish on your Ram.

The HEMI engine is one of the greatest engines of all times. Great for people who want a lot of power. Keep in mind though, my adding these performance mods, you will lowering your fuel economy, if you bought a Dodge you probably dont care about fuel economy anyways, honestly.

Lets start off with the basics

Exhaust system: most people that I know add an exhaust as their first choice of mod. The exhaust actually doesn’t add much for power and performance until you add other mods on top of it. Exhaust by itself will give you some horse power gains, but it is mainly for the awesome sound, if you get it by itself. These next mods will help you start getting more power out of your enginer.

Header: when paired with an exhaust, the header will make your engine breath a lot easier. Headers eliminate the manifolds back pressure. Instead of sharing a common manifold, each cylinder will get its own space to breath, this will make your engine more suitable for pushing out more power and more torque.

Intake: another modification that you will see good power results and sound results is an intake. Heat is bad for engines and reduces power, so to combat that, adding an intake will help. Intakes push air into your system either through a cold air intake or short ram intake. I prefer cold air intakes because colder air is better for engines. The downfall is, you can water log your engine if it gets wet. Short rams push air through, but the hot air has no where to go.

Once you have all these mods, which are referred to as basic bolt ons, you can decide if you want more out of your truck. These bolt ons, depending on what you go with, can gain you 15 to 30 horsepower. Pretty significant power gains for little investment and little difficulty.